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Sunday, July 4, 2010

♥ A War Between Emotions And Loved Ones♥

Surrounded by water all around, I was fighting from strong tides.
No more shores, no more destinations, It was me and my dreamy remnants.
Struggled hard, but it was a long war, where I fought with my loved ones.
There were no blood anywhere, but heart was aching badly,
I was breathing deeply, and my voice was choked somewhere;
I built a dam of stone, to stop the flow of rivers from my eyes.
Now after such a long episodes of emotions, 
I became successful in developing building of attitude,
Made up of stones, concrete, and hard water.
Where there was no place for soft corner…….
But I lost myself along with Him, his presence, his existence..
Now the doors get closed and my life was a brainy existence, like,
large stones on the beach, who had once made home of sands, 
but tides took away everything with them.
life turned and get twisted…....
What left were residuals of 2 and half months memories enveloped forever,
In the paper floating in the ocean , fighting with tides and crests to find its way alone,to enrich,polish and refine the love on hard lines of measurements,with a hope to meet its destination….



hey its really cool.........i felt like its MY 2 n a half month story n its memories dat would live forever, wrapped in the paper floatin in ocean

Ehsaas said...

thanx dear...:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for good news!

Diksha Mittal said...

This is my favourite......luv dis one<3