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Friday, April 23, 2010

Space between life and sanity..

Water was flowing and I was struggling,
Between the space of life and sanity..
Suddenly, I sensed some touch of rain on my face…
Relating it with the time when I was in myself,
A Smile spread across my lips,
It was not so tough,
To smile today,
Not so tough to hide something,
It seems so easy,  I was left alone , independently,
And I flowed like a liquid so swiftly…
Clouds of emotions were so clear today,
Sky seems to hold me with its warm touch
I left myself free to catch its fume,
And I can’t express ,
I was so softly letting myself
Dissolve in that aura of smile, 
It makes me remember of that day,when,
I was lost in woods ,and
My father forwarded his hands
I hold his hands and ,
An innocent smile bloom on my lips..
Today the time has repeated itself,
But there were no more woods ,
There are just cobwebs of emotions
Which made me lost again,
and  then a catch of raindrops
Wokeup me,as if inviting me to
Walk some steps wid them
And the rest followed
And again cloudless sky s here to hold me
And I smiled again,without  any pain…


Eva said...

I like this :)

shikha sourav said...

heya thanx sweety:)