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Monday, June 25, 2012


Trying to write,I feel breathless today,
Hard to restore,but thoughts fading away.
Closed my eyes,find her sitting beside river,
Oh! the holy river holds her in arms,
And wind whispers sway sway.
Drowning self into its purity,
My spirit dazzles like sun rays.
Wandering thoughts,reason my feelings,
And I am walking on its rational way.
The echo of glittering voice in the valley,
makes people wonder,
real treasure here lays,
yeah, real treasure here lays.

My harmony

Once, I had everything,
caring family,cheerful siblings,
and a loving friend
But,I was not in peace,
yeah, I was living solitary

Among those beautiful people,
I found myself nowhere
Searching myself between lanes,
streets and roads,
I found myself lying across the beach
Waves were touching my feet
and someone was there too
But  I didn't need all of these
I wanted to be left alone
I was not in peace,
I was living solitary

Monsoon came skipping winters,summers
I looked upon the sky,
It rained heavily
showered me and my desires
I looked around,
there was no one left
It was me alone,
clock had just ticked once
and now it has stopped.
For a while,I felt thunder of happiness
filling me inside
I searched and searched
and found myself only
Watched my shadow in the shallow water of rain
A pinch of sensation shivered my body
I met with my being
I collage my identity into snaps of colourful polaroid
Then I closed my eyes.
I am in peace
I am soulful
I am living in Solomon.