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Monday, June 25, 2012

My harmony

Once, I had everything,
caring family,cheerful siblings,
and a loving friend
But,I was not in peace,
yeah, I was living solitary

Among those beautiful people,
I found myself nowhere
Searching myself between lanes,
streets and roads,
I found myself lying across the beach
Waves were touching my feet
and someone was there too
But  I didn't need all of these
I wanted to be left alone
I was not in peace,
I was living solitary

Monsoon came skipping winters,summers
I looked upon the sky,
It rained heavily
showered me and my desires
I looked around,
there was no one left
It was me alone,
clock had just ticked once
and now it has stopped.
For a while,I felt thunder of happiness
filling me inside
I searched and searched
and found myself only
Watched my shadow in the shallow water of rain
A pinch of sensation shivered my body
I met with my being
I collage my identity into snaps of colourful polaroid
Then I closed my eyes.
I am in peace
I am soulful
I am living in Solomon.

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