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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Thanks Maa:):):)

When I came into this world,I saw two candles illuminating,whch lit me,
And a sudden touch,so soft nd velvety,bringing me into this life.
How can I forget that soft voice ,which sounds so soothing to me..
I didn't have any idea,where I was,but It seems heaven to me..
She was looking into my eyes ,caressing me,my hands and my face.
Suddenly,I felt a sudden cold snog on my forehead,
oooh,It was so divine..I still remembered that tinge of love flowing within me..
And then she held me and gave a tight hug to me,
Would you please believe me,how lucky and honored I was feeling then.
It seems like whole universe was hurling petals on me..
It was amazing,pure and unbelievable flow of affection widin two bodies,
                        but one and only one soul.
Maa,thanks for giving me life,thanks for bringing life within me,thanx for giving me wings to fly in this world,and thanx for being with me,in all the times of my life..

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