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Friday, April 22, 2011

Everything Is Yours

Birds are singing in the valley,
Chirp Chirp Chirp
Strings of Heart glistening in the sun
and chords of sky singing 'malhar'
Innocence is floating in the sky,
My nomadic soul,a wanderer
In the valley of  unknown world,
Meets  daily with anonymous soldier.
Who is mine, no one,
Myself  snatched time and space
From the echoes of  alive,
 Drops of moments!!
Malhar,Malhar, Malhar,
From the clouds of oven,
cooked dreams rains upon me,
Steps tumbled,and
Two little arms of  lone walls hold me.
Knocking on my Door,
Knock ,knock ,knock
That beautiful million dollar smile ,
Whispers to me one day,
Be green,Float pearls ,and forget yourself,
Everything is yours.
Pick and decorate them into,
The pack of memories,
The Hallucination of lover,
The Childish summers,
The Intimate thread of Friendship,
The happy and gay Faces.
Let's write our stories on breezes,
like dust floating in the air,
Playing Hide and Seek with rays,
Let's be the reflection of  your Own Self.


Mitostargazer said...

hey, beautiful poem...especially that "my nomadic.....echoes of alive" section :) amazing

shikha sourav said...

Heya thanx:D

Aditya Prakash Garg said...

i guess the word "fantabulous" was made for this occasion..
Shikha, this one is very impressive.

shikha sourav said...

Thanx a ton dear:):):)

Sorcerer said...

beautiful lines

abhinav said...

nice poem !!!

check out a few others at

Aakriti said... there no place to follow u? was looking for a pic..thats how I landed up on ur blog:P
here's a link to my blog:

shikha sourav said...

heya dear,sorry for late replying,you can follow me on facebook.

alka narula said...

very beautiful poem..well crafted words...enjoyed thoroughly...wish u a happy new year:)