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Saturday, March 19, 2011


I am carved beautifully,
see my black wavyhair,
lustrous eyes,
firm breasts,
so beautifully designed,
Creation of a SCULPTOR,
Ahh!!Im stuck in between,
Playng the roles of a Mother,Sister,Wife,
Prisoned in the Household chores,
Sittng near the window, 
Observing the fist of Patriarchy,
Sounds of a HAMMER
And the Buzz of the Metro
I am alone but afraid
Afraid and
complaining complaining 
Random thoughts invading my mind.
Do I need an erection and elongation
of my privates
to walk SAFELY on the Streets of Delhi??
or,Do I need to paint myself with Masculinity,
to show my individuality without Sexual Harassement??
I'm beautiful,I'm rational,
I am like art,
art of power,life,individuality
I am scared I am afraid,only because,
I am Silent
I am not only a silent wave,
I know How to be Tsunami,
I am not poetry on paper
I know,how to ask for my rights
I am not dictates of bangle,
I have my own opinion
I am not a blossoming flower
I am alive fragrance of Change
Wheels of change ,
yeah,folk lore of Belief
Laying down in the mist
Let me explore myself,
a landscape within me,
like the vast open sea,
like the dancing dust in the rays
Liberation Liberation
I am my liberation
I'm your mother,your sister, your wife
But not to be Fucked always,
my stove cooks the Biryani of relations
with the tadka of love and emotions,
Don't understimate it as my weakness
I have a flare for my own Burning Desires
From the clouds of heavy blackness
I know to rain myself in 
every bit of my SELF
My eyes are hypnotic
but mixed with the expressions of 
my own identity
I am not Random,
I'm the ONE


mano said...

Cherished to read a poetry like this....Powerful,Univocal and entertaining..keep writing

Ehsaas said...

Thanx dear:D

Anonymous said...

loved every line nd every single word of ur poem.....

Ehsaas said...

Hey thanx:D

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

You have a wonderful art of writing. Don't give up. Go ahead.. My wishes.

shikha sourav said...

Thanx for ur wishes:)

Amit Mohan Sharma said...

Awesome bold n beautiful ... liked it..

Amit Mohan Sharma said...

awesssssooommme really like dit bold n beautiful.. keep writting..

shikha sourav said...

Hey thanx dear:)nd yup sure:)Its bold like todays women,nd beautiful like their grace:)hehehe:)

Aditya Prakash Garg said...

Every line is so beautiful.. awesome!

shikha sourav said...

heya thanx:)