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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Before the doors get closed

Aftr seeking sex,
My thoughts are left on stained island..
thy walk al alone,covering a distance btwn tym nd space..
Introduced to love bites,as they stepped furter,
tired but blessed,smiling from d bushes..
Ideas were crushd nd smells magnolia magnolia,
as longing 4 desire desire,
Urged nd kissed d subconscious thread of intimacy,
Piercing al beads of sweat aftr seeking d ULTIMATE..
Mirror and mirror all around,bt not a true reflection,
Peeping into d eyes nd asking Salvation salvation....
Oh!its erotica erotica..
Deepng me deepng d illusion,
Took me towards serenity
oh!beauty of d soul
M late ,yeah m gettng late
to reach d shallow depth of my innerness
before d doors get closed.....

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