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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I seek myself in evry tide and turns 
Search myself in evry face whch I see
Reflections reflections,thy r my reflections.
Piercing me in bubbles,
Smtyms trampled, Smtyms worn as lace,
War and Peace,No no ,not Tolstoy,
Its me,Its me..
Perhaps each one of me, on behalf of each,
Marching to final destination,bt d roads are vague
And here it goes...tug of war ...
an open mind with different views dominating each othr
Creation Creation whr s d creation,
All around it seems like cremation...
I m scared bt I fyt ,I hate myself bt I admire 
I show I m d happiest,bt I knw I m fake
Somwhr I seek myself,in my subconscious mind
Finally I got myself in my conscience 
Reflections,Reflections,thy r my reflections..

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