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Thursday, March 10, 2011


Flap, flap, flap,
flap ur wings pigeons,
Heart is yelling 
Peace, peace ,peace 
U whitish whitish,
Symbols of Bloody peace.
Let d desire burn ,
Let d Coal lit ds night,
Night, night ,night,
Day is not gona to come,
Unless u die this storm.
Coward ,coward ,coward,
World might bless u 4 ths 
Bt,wot vl u answer?
O blessed Saint,
Humming beautifully
O Chorous,
sing d songs of Blind
Walk d mountains,
Taste d sweetnes of ur sweat,
Temples vl ring d bell
Whn u walk velvety rugged terrain
O dreamy pigeon??
I m hungry,
My lesioned soul is thirsty
Thought 4 Food is nt enough,
Gv me d real u,
can't hold ths white more,
Give me Red.

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